Therapy L30

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Therapy L30

The Therapy L30 spa offers seating for 4-5 bathers. It is large enough to share with family or friends yet the deep contoured lounge provides luxurious full body relaxation for personal pampering.

We are Introducing a New Generation of Spas that are built for Canada and its Extreme Weather Conditions!

Owning one of these Spas means you will never have to Purchase Another Spa Again!

The Environment suffers so much because we live in such a throw-away world where products are constantly being replaced. With this New Generation of Spas, you are purchasing a Spa that will last you a lifetime.

The spa is supported by a full Aluminium Structural Frame which will never rust and break down like other structural frames can ie: (Steel and Wood).

The smooth bottom base is constructed of high-density foam insulation sandwiched between two layers of black ABS plastic.

All plumbing is standard white flex hose with glued and clamped joints.

The equipment consists of Gecko Electronics with Waterways Pumps.

Cabinet has a modern European design with horizontal boards and extruded aluminum corners.

The interior shell is made of acrylic and backed with fiberglass which will last a lifetime!

The Therapy L30 spa has been designed with our “Total Access” Cabinet Design. The structural aluminum frame fully supports the spa allowing 100% of the cabinet including the corners to be removed with just a few strategically placed bolts. This accessibility is perfect for servicing plumbing within the spa but also allows future modifications such as additional jetting or lighting as technology improves.

Spa Features (included)

  • Acrylic Shell
  • Synthetic Skirt – (Charcoal or Walnut)
  • Full Roxul Insulation Package
  • Aluminum Structural Frame
  • Black Insulation Foundation Base
  • 24/7 Circulation Pump
  • Knife Valves On All Pumps
  • 3hp 2-Speed Jet Pumps (56 Frame Motors)
  • 30 Stainless Massage Jets
  • 4.5″ to 3.5″ Tapered Cover
  • Multi-colored LED Main Light
  • LED Waterline Lighting
  • Exterior Cabinet Lighting


  • 10 Years On Interior Shell 
  • 2 Years On Plumbing
  • 2 Years On Mechanical (Parts & Labour)

* Please contact us directly by email or phone for information on installation and delivery. 

Seating Capacity 5 adults
Dimensions 80″ x 80″ x 40″ H / 203cm x 203m x 101cm H
Water Capacity 300 gallons / 1,200 litres
Weight 750 lbs./340 kg dry; 3,750 lbs./1,705 kg filled
(All dimensions weight and volumes are approx.)
Standard Features • 30 Therapeutic Stainless jets
• 1 x 3hp High Volume Pump
• Gecko IN.YE Spa Pack with 4kw Heater
• Full Roxul insulation
• Marine Grade 4.5″ x 2.5″ Tapered Vinyl Cover
• Multi Colour LED Light
Standard Packages • Massage Jetting Package
• Efficiency Package
• Ambiance Package
Spa Interior Colours (Custom Colours Are Available) > Click Swatches for larger view
Silver Marble / Sterling    Oyster Opal    Storm Cloud
Mediterranean Sunset / Tuscan Sun
Optional Cabinet Exterior Colours
Standard Spa Cover Colours (Custom Colours Are Available)
Walnut    Charcoal


  • Comprehensive Hot Tub Package

  • Steps & Cover Lifter

  • White-Glove Delivery & Set up

  • Complete Water Care Instructions

  • Thorough Hot Tub Operation Orientation

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