New Waves 46L2

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The New Waves 46L2 Series spa offers seating for 5-6 bathers. The powerful jet pump provides a strong water flow activating a large number of smaller but intense jets located to provide full body stimulation.

Seating Capacity 5-6 adults
Dimensions 85″ x 85″ x 38″ H / 216cm x 216m x 97cm H
Water Capacity 350 gallons / 1,300 litres
Weight 800 lbs./360 kg dry; 4,300 lbs./1,955 kg filled
(All dimensions weight and volumes are approx.)
Standard Ultimate Luxury Features • 46 Powerful Therapeutic jets
• 2x3hp jet Pump 240v
• Digital Spa Pack with 4kw Heater
• Unique Roxul insulation
• Marine Grade 3.5″ x 2.5″ Tapered Vinyl Cover
• Multi Colour LED Light • Multiple Waterline Lights
Spa Interior Colours (Custom Colours Are Available)
Silver Marble / Sterling
Cabinet Exterior Colours
Walnut    Charcoal
Standard Spa Cover Colours (Custom Colours Are Available)

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