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Traditional Collection

Our Traditional Collection refines the ever-popular and timeless flat-top design with soft, flowing lines that accentuate the comfort derived from our ergonomic seating and pulsing jet patterns.

Plush headrests, easy-touch controls, beverage holders and other features are smoothly integrated by recessing them into the fiberglass reinforced shell. This results in a sleek, modern elegance tough enough to withstand the most demanding environments.

Curve Collection

We take hot tub design to a higher level in the Curve Collection featuring a raised rear wall with a gentle slope that belies its many strengths. Lay back in one of its gracefully elevated corners, wrapped in warmth, as you enjoy long, luxurious soaks sheltered from the wind and the eyes of the outside world.

To further heighten your experience, we add a flush-mounted 24-inch-wide waterfall, the largest available in any residential hot tub.

Infinity Collection

The Infinity Collection breaks multiple barriers, starting with the one blocking your view. The spa’s rejuvenating water glides over our exclusive infinity (or vanishing) edge, taking your cares and worries with them while we leave nothing to prevent your seeing your world with a fresh perspective.

The infinity edge design incorporates a “zero water displacement” feature with an ample reserve tank and integrated measuring gauge so your water surface always remains at the same level.

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