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New Waves Pool & Spa was formed to provide you, our fellow Canadian friends and neighbours, with an affordable and enjoyable luxury backyard experience that we understand and you deserve. We were born in the Cariboo, grew up there, and still live and love the Cariboo. We know Canada – harsh winters, sure, but happy summers and hot tub customers too! That’s why we build our hot tubs to withstand a climate that we know – so you can weather the snow and relax comfortably with rejuvenating hydrotherapy for many years. Our spas exude quality, comfort, energy efficiency and ease of use, and they are manufactured with Canadians in mind.


Our hot tubs for sale are designed to maintain their set temperature efficiently, so it is always ready and waiting for you. Operating a New Waves Tub is easy using the keypad or a smartphone. While adjusting the temperature on a hot tub helps beat the summer heat, a few moments in life come close to the sheer pleasure of being surrounded by warm, bubbling hot water on a crisp, cold night. So, do not worry about the weather outside, the sun going down, or the seasons changing. A New Waves Spa is always year-round fun and a wonderful experience. Our hot tubs for sale in Canada will provide you with the best 2 person tubs, six-person, eight-person and 4 person tub options available in the business and with the added convenience of buying direct or buying from a local dealer; it could not be easier!

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