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Swim Spas

Just keep swimming.

You’ll experience the realistic feel and benefits of open-water swimming with perfect conditions every time with the Swim Collection delivering consistent ocean-like buoyancy and just-right resistance.

Features such as detachable row bars and exercise bands will help round-out your workout with added strength, toning and mobility moves. Therapeutic massage jets will help tired or tense muscles so you feel reinvigorated after exercising.

Recreation Collection

Relax, Refresh and Entertain. Make more memories at home each and every day. The Recreation Collection features swim spas created to provide the perfect environment to entertain and spend quality time with friends and family. Enjoy your favorite water games, exercises or just watch the sunrise or sunset in pristine water right in your backyard.

Plunge Series Open water fun! A full spa for the family to play with one hydrotherapy seat for a little extra relaxation.

Lifestyle Series Get all the fun of the Plunge Series but with swim resistance jets for endless swimming in place.

1300 Plunge Series

1302 Bench  Lifestyle Series

1400 VE Lifestyle Series

Performance Collection

Swim, Exercise and Recover. Get serious about health and fitness with our premium Performance Collection Swim Spas. Each Swim Spa features an extended swim and workout area, connections for row bars and resistance bands, recovery seats with powerful hydrotherapy massage jets and much more. Take your fitness routine to the next level with the Coast Swim Spa Performance Collection.

Sport Series Powerful swim resistance jets.

Sport Pro Series Variable speed swim resistance jets.

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Health @ Home

Get the most from your Swim Spa. Detachable row-bars and multiple exercise band attachment points allow you to do more than simply swim in place. Take advantage of all the benefits added water resistance provides for your strength and cardio training.

Perfect for any level of workout intensity. Water provides the perfect environment for low impact stretching and aerobics and when you need a rest just have a seat and let our powerful massage jets sooth your body and rejuvenate your energy.

Come On In…the water is great!

Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Day at the Spa